Campaign: Warren Legacy

Character: Warren Legacy aka Amp
Game: Masks
Episodes Played: 1
Theme Song: Rockstar by Rihanna, Confident by Demi Lovato 
Keywords: Confident, Cold, Capable

Warren shoots lightning from her fingertips or hands or whatever. It doesn't matter. She's badass and effective and has zero interest in your bullshit. About a year ago, she was squaring off with Dying Star, a supernova type powerhouse that had taken down Flare, a silver generation hero. Maybe it was Flare's age, or maybe it was just... luck. But Warren, or Amp as she's known, was left standing atop a rooftop with a very dead Flare and a very much alive Dying Star.

It happened to be a storm. And Atti, Amp's brother, happened to be filming for his stupid youtube project. Amp happened to be able to challenge the raw power of the storm and fire all she had into Dying Star. Dying Star did just that, she died. And as the rain slammed down on them, a city saw a young hero and Warren felt the rising panic of killing someone swell inside.

A few months ago an alien bounty hunter came into Halcyon looking for trouble. He found it. He tried to drag this girl back, called ... well, nothing. Titan, a legacy hero, showed up. Along with Amp and her friend, Regent, a beacon. At first the group thought that the girl, an alien of some kind, was the problem, until they saw the man trying to steal her. Atti recorded it all, and in an instant the group became a media sensation.

Titan's dad was her manager. He was also the manager of Amp, and decided they should become a team. Amp was a bit of a wild card, and being with a team would help her popularity and her ability to stay in control. Titan needed more popularity, the family was falling out of favour and this was just the sort of thing to make them shine again. Naturally Regent and the alien girl, called Tourist, joined up. They became a team.

Warren was a character I designed originally to be the Nova, an out of control powerhouse. I was going to play someone overemotional, a little wired, and definitely anxious about their own powers. Then I came across The Star playbook, saw the shut someone down move, and instantly went "yes please." It's been awhile since I've played a character that didn't care what people thought of them, and this was a chance to do it.

I designed her to be competent and really good at what she does. She knows how to use her powers, as she's had them since she was a kid, and she knows how to be a hero. It's smiling and engaging and being enigmatic and charming but also rough and dark. It's making people want you. It's a game and she's good at it. But it's left her a little disconnected from what it means to actually be a friend and have friends. They're players in the game and that's how she treats them.

Whether her emotions for someone are real or just something she's pushing to add drama to the reality show she's on, it's never clear. This bad ass image has left her to seem like a cold hearted and calculating young woman. She's okay with this. When she meets fans, she's loving, charming, and out going. It's two sides of a coin that she's great at balancing.

My challenge for this character is to be confident and capable. I want her to be the member of the team that while being a bitch and tearing them down, is also the one who gets stuff done and shows up the legacy. Even if she sympathizes with the legacy, she will never show that because it's not interesting (until it is). It's easy for me to play empathetic and emotional characters who always make connections with others. I never am the one who makes people connect with me.

I'm going to be the one this time that is the distant bad girl of the group and own that. Emotions suck. Fuck off. You're in my way. I think Warren may act out of emotion, as in, save Titan because she's in danger, but she'd pass it off with "Get the fuck out of my way, Titan."

So we'll see how it goes. She's definitely acting like the queen Bee. At least for now.


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