Campaign: Miranda Leigh Daily

Character: Miranda Leigh Daily
Game: Monsterhearts 2
Episodes: 2
Theme Song: Porcelain by Rachel Taylor
Keywords: Hopeless, needy, abandoned

Burnt out as I am and have been, I decided to still go to Monsterhearts with a new group in TAG. Miranda is a mortal, and easy for me to play because it's easy to play mortals. But I did discover some new things about her as I played her. While Miranda defines herself mostly by what she does for other people, she conflates this very easily to mean love. Even if she doesn't actually love someone.

Her infatuation with Flinch, the werewolf (she doesn't know he's a werewolf and neither does he), mostly comes from a need to keep him safe and to help him escape his shitty situation. To her, that need to help him, to do all she can to help him, must mean love. Just like when she was tutoring Tucker and getting him to pass his courses, she genuinely wanted him to do good, and so she thought that was love.

And then it wasn't. Because they …

Breakout: Gabriela Silva

Character: Gabriela Silva
Game: Chill 3rd Edition
Episodes: 1
Theme Song: Lucifernandis by Boogarins
Keywords: Stubborn, reactive, commanding

I got to play one game at Breakout, and I had decided it would be Chill. Chill is a game I continue to support but have never played. I wanted to see this horror baby in action, and see how Matt ran it, but mostly I choose Chill because I wanted play a game with him. I have all the bits to Chill. Dice, tokens, books, etc. I love games that have societies, and Chill has SAVE.

In this game, we got to play members of SAVE. I chose Gabriela Silva, partly because I was at a table full of men, and partly because she was a cop, and I didn't want to play an emotionally laboured woman. In her little write up, Gabriela is described as a second generation SAVE member, whose mother was a member and has since gone missing, so Gabriela and her girlfriend joined SAVE to try to find her mum.

Before then, she was a cop in her hometown in Brazil. She went down th…

Campaign: Miranda Leigh Daily

Character: Miranda Leigh Daily
Game: Monsterhearts 2
Episode: 1
Theme Song: Fickle Game by Amber Run
Keywords: Outgoing, optimistic, haunted

When I sat down to play Monsterhearts, my initial goal was to play a young Jason Momoa as the Queen and function as a hot queen instead of a cold one. Of course, when I sat down, I sat down with a lot of powerhouses. The werewolf, the ghoul, the vampire, and the witch. I didn't know the group playing, but I knew based on the law of averages, if I played a manipulative dude queen, I'd be dead before episode 2.

So I defaulted to my comfy space and made a mortal named Miranda. I wanted her to be different than my other mortal, who was a really broken individual coming in. That being said, I knew my high functioning, popular, nice girl needed to have a reason she was vulnerable and why the darkness would make her feel beautiful.

We started with the established relationship of Miranda being in love with the werewolf, Flinch. That was really my onl…

Campaign: The Keres

Character: Alexa Atreus the Keres
Game: The Sprawl
Episodes: 1
Theme Song: Still Life by Covenant
Keywords: Ideological, tender, contemplative

I honestly never thought I'd be playing a heist focused game. Cyberpunk is a genre I love and hate. But I adore Hamish and I like his design ideas, so when Rach was like "let's play the Sprawl!" I was in. I had heard interesting things about it. Now, that being said, we are playing in a cyberpunk future of Toronto, not the USA. Thus, the culture around technology and such was going to be different, and we all wanted to bring some Canadiana to the genre in how we made our characters.

When I looked at Canadian culture, specifically Toronto culture, I wanted to explore the idea of consensual death and assisted suicide. What did death look like in the future, and with the collapsing of industries into one-stop shops, how did that impact death? So I made an agency that specializes in death and dying. They handle the legal side, the eut…

Campaign: Poe

Character: Poe
Game: Monsterhearts 2
Episodes: 2
Theme Song: Dead End Friends by Them Crooked Vultures
Keywords: Flustered, apathetic, high

Oh Poe. Why you gotta be so simple? In our most recent episode of Monsterhearts, Poe got a bit more entangled with people. The ghoul made her appearance, and Poe wanted nothing to do with her, not really. But they got high together and talked about Poe's demon, because fuck man, no one believes her anyways and this girl wasn't going to either. Probably some freak who talks big.

The episode was intense. The vampire reached out to Poe via text, and when they met up for lunch, rather than be sympathetic (my original plan), I chose to have Poe call the vampire out on being kinda rapey towards the hunter, Cage, and not biting people consensually. Poe doesn't... care... that much, but mostly wants to keep the vampire away from her. He's a fucking serial killer and she's not convinced that he won't do it again. So the more she can foc…

Dreamation: Justice

Character: Justice the Raven of Ravenhall
Game: Fall of Magic
Episodes: 3
Theme Song: Dust in the Wind by Digital Daggers
Keywords: Watcher, knowledgable, angry

Everyone knows I love Fall of Magic. On the way to Dreamation, for the game I was facilitating, I had decided if no one chose it I was going to play a Raven of Ravenhall. And she would be a spymaster. That's all I knew. Somehow I associated ravens with spies, probably because of Leliana in Dragon Age Inquisition. It's important in Fall of Magic not to go in really knowing anything about your character because you find all that out in game. It's a difficult challenge. But the more I find you stay present and don't get into your head about the characters or your next scene, the better your play experience will be.

I didn't describe Justice until someone asked me to. I described her as nondescript. Darker skin, eyes, and hair, with a brown cloak and brown clothes and fairly forgettable in an almost magical way. Sh…

Dreamation: Emir

Character: Emir
Game: Mars 244
Episodes: 1
Theme song: One Last Time by Jaymes Young
Keywords: Tender, astute, loving

There was a mine. Prisoners were sent to the mine to work. At first, this was acceptable. The colony on Mars didn't want to deal with prisoners. But then any crime seemed punishable by ostracism to the mine, even that of a child who simply knocked over some equipment. Any guardian of that child couldn't abandon them, could they? So of course they pick up their life and move to the prison, get a job there, and carry on. Always carry on. Follow the water. Learn to flow.

I played Mars 244 despite being dead in the water mostly because I wanted check out a game by Rachel E S Walton and this was, by far, the best game I played at the convention. I played two characters, but I'm going to focus on my primary character, Emir. Emir was a care giver and sex worker who lived and worked at the prison where his adopted nephew was serving time. The prison being the mine. It …