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Campaign: River the Heir of Stormguard

Character: River, Heir of Stormguard
Game: Fall of Magic
Episodes: 1
Theme Song: Eivør - Í Tokuni
Keywords: Indomitable, commanding, straightforward

A friend and I decided to play two player Fall of Magic and amped the metal aspect of it to eleven. I made a character type I hadn't played yet in Fall of Magic, which was the warrior, the straight forward sword-bearing fighter who sought to follow and not lead, and yet was a leader of her people.

So I made River, a storm of a woman who had fled her own country because she did not want to usurp her mother even though her mother had gone quite mad, and only women can rule in Stormguard. So River abandoned her twin brother to mind their mother and went on a quest instead to help the Magus go to Umbra.

Her purpose feels unfulfilled. She's avoiding the noose of royalty and would rather journey and see the world than take on the mantle of Queen. In FoM, you're discovering the character as you go. I had no idea what River would be like …

Campaign: Poe

Character: Poe Stackhouse
Game: Monsterhearts 2
Episodes: 3
Theme Song: Mad World by Jasmine Thompson
Keywords: Out of Control, Spiralling, Lost

We finally had an episode with all of the characters together and it exploded magnificently. Just as I had predicted though, Poe ended up being the most human of all the characters, despite there being a mortal present. She spent most of the episode just doing her normal things and then getting caught up in the horrible truths of everyone else.

Now keep in mind, Poe was the one who gave out free acid at a party so she could steal something without letting people see her do it. I had thought this would explode by causing a meat grinder effect at the old mall, but all it did was cause one hell of a party. Poe had promised she would also find out some information about the future Queen of the high school, but totally forgot about it and failed her demon that way.

He did want her to steal a wallet out of the glove compartment of an old car. Before al…