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One Shot: Kimrath

Character: Kimrath
Game: Epyllion
Episodes: 1
Theme Song: Responsibility by MxPX
Keywords: Loud, honest, derpy

On my one day off in the last month and a bit, I played Epyllion. If you're not familiar, Epyllion is Marissa Kelly's game of baby dragons. It touches on My Little Pony in terms of themes and content and is overall quite delightful. That being said, there are also mechanics that can push a darker theme. The game is awesome. I want to run a full campaign of it in the new year and you should go buy this game.

Moving on to my baby dragon. I played the Warrior playbook. Which in a normal PbtA game you would think "Hey, that baby dragon is violent!" Except dris is a baby dragon (dragon pronouns are dris/dre) who mostly functions to yell at older dragons. I found this mechanic kinda fascinating. The top score for a warrior is Courage, which is what you use to essentially be smarmy at older dragons who will find you amusing and pat your head. I didn't have a fight …

One Shot: Kenzi Novotná

Character: Kenzi Novotná
Game: The Forgotten - Zombie expansion
Episodes: 1
Theme Song: Sick of Losing Soul Mates by dodie
Keywords: Patient, wise, authoritative

Recently a close friend had a birthday gathering and wanted to play a couple games. As you can probably tell, they settled on Epyllion by Marissa Kelly and The Forgotten by Andrew Medeiros. And we're just lucky enough to know and hang out with Andrew, so we had him join us to run a zombie-focused expansion of the Forgotten.

The Forgotten is a larp about folks who are in a city that's being hit during a war. You're just civilians though, and you're trying to survive by finding food, shelter, and medical supplies. You're not soldiers. You're all just folk. You start by choosing an occupation, and then get randomly assigned relationships to at least two people.

I chose cook, because it was so far from the truth about me that I found it interesting. My second choice was going to be cop, but I found myself stru…

Campaign: Donahue O'Kelly

Character: Donahue O'Kelly
Game: Urban Shadows
Episodes: 6
Theme Song: Dark Days by The Phantoms
Keywords: Tired, Concerned, Old

The more I play Donahue, the more I come to understand that he's a tired old man who made a mistake, sees the errors of his ways, and is moving forward as best he can with his newfound knowledge. Partly, this has meant biding his time until he's ready to move forward, processing what he's learned, and opening himself again to new experiences.

It's the latter part of that which he struggles with the most. Finding out he has a daughter, an imbecile of a daughter, has given him food for thought. But as I play him, I notice he lingers on thoughts longer than even I would. He wants to sit and smoke a pipe and drink some cognac and think about the long term implications of everything he's experiencing. He thinks generationally. He thinks big picture and rarely glimpses at the small except to see how those ripples will impact the big.

Really, he…