Campaign: Erusiniel

Character: Erusiniel Larentansel
Game: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition
Episodes: 0
Theme song: Belly of the Beast by Gazette Twin
Quote: "Real magic can never be made by offering someone else's liver. You must tear out your own, and not expect to get it back."

So a long time ago I played in a one-episode D&D game, and I played an elf warlock pirate who hated mages and wanted to fuck the world if it meant she got her cure. When one of my besties was going to start running 5th ed, I jumped at the chance to play that elf again. I delighted in a rum-drunk, cursing-like-a-sailor, grumbling elf who hated most things, loved being flirtatious, and got angry for no reason.

She wasn't going to be stoic at all. She was going to be all the emotions, anger, and riotous joy that elves never were. Eire was an elf from a shit village called Stonewall who got captured by some mages who imbued her with a great old thing and thus turned her into a warlock. She woke up, killed some mages, and then swore she'd hunt mages down for the rest of her life.

Or something. She's not super committed to it. There are intense elder tattoos on her. A constant reminder that she's got a serpent inside of her that's pressing to get out. Being weird and filled with unnatural death, she took to the places where weirdos tend to survive: pirate ships. For fifty years she's sailed the seas and hunted mages between voyages.

About ten years ago she met Grommok the Dawn-Killer, a fierce mage-warrior orc. They fell in love, married, and have since had three kids. Their pirating days continue, and Eire continues to look for a mage who can undo the powers that are inside of her, although being partnered to Grom has shown her she's fine as she is. Except he doesn't know that the thing inside of her whispers about the end of the world. That part she's kept fine and private.

The kids live with a lovely elder dragonborn who used to pirate with the couple. Recently, though, a terrible storm destroyed the ship and Eire is in Waterdeep with a few friends from the ship looking to meet her husband where they agreed they would if things ever, well, went south. Her friends are a strange crew. Our party is a tiefling paladin, a half-orc bard, an elf monk, and a halfling rogue. Plus my warlock elf. The half-orc is Eire's nephew, and is the only dude in the party.

I'm super excited for this game because we're all women, trans, and nonbinary folks who are playing. We've set out with challenging some aspects of trad gaming already and are digging into the world to see what we can unearth. It's been forever since I've played D&D and so I'm really looking forward to a beer and pretzels game.

That being said, I haven't laid out much for my pirate. I'm not looking for much from the game besides hanging out with awesome people and killing things and adventuring. Eire has a rich life, a side quest, and a family that I'm interested in, but not focused on. She's happy doing jobs to support her family and earn some gold while she hunts mages and rids the world of their ilk (yes, she's an evil character).

There isn't a particular challenge with her, at least not yet. I want to see how our game shakes out and what spaces we make at the table. We've set up some interesting and intimate relationships, with a lot of our friendships based on our communications and ideas of the world being discussed. I'm really interested in seeing how the party functions, despite an array of alignments, and how they come together as an adopted family.

Eire is definitely the most responsible of the group, which is interesting considering she's a pirate. I don't think she'll play mom so much as the disappointed aunt. But we'll see. Who knows where an elf pirate warlock will end up, right?


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