Campaign: Keres

Character: Alexa Atreus "Keres"
Game: The Sprawl
Episodes: 2
Theme Song: Waiting to be Born by Rotersand
Keywords: Dedicated, careful, plotting

Our final episode of the Sprawl happened awhile ago, where we finished an arc for Meno and Keres and decided that what we're trying to do with the Sprawl isn't what the Sprawl was made for. Which is too bad. The Sprawl touches on some serious big cyberpunk themes, but the heist layout isn't quite what we were going for. We may pick them up later, when we have more time, but for now this'll be the last bit about Keres for awhile.

I'm sad I didn't get to play her more. Compared to Robin, she's a pretty stable, reliable, and focused on her goal. Given she's one of the carnations of Robin-Dragon, it was my goal to imagine what she would be like without the trauma of Robin's life. A woman who lived in a dark world but found her place within it. Who loved a good time, was a bit of a junkie, died, and came back a fucking dragon, saw the dragon code, and spread it. Who was that woman?

Keres was a fascinating look at someone who saw no reason to perform for the world around her, but also worked hard to keep that space. There was definitely pressure in the world to be easily replaced and Keres didn't dig what was happening too much around her. Meno was unreliable and dangerous, and her control of him was slipping. His revenge kick was becoming a focus of his life while she tried to stay the course to true rebellion.

Yet Meno wanted to just get at Kertez. So Keres went along with this last episode where they found one of their soul swords and found another dragon, one they didn't recognize, or at least, Keres didn't recognize. It was an interesting moment where we got to glimpse and look at what happened when they came across another big power they didn't recognize as one of their own soul mates. It challenged Keres to think fast and maintain in control.

I do realize that the character, regardless of her face, deeply believes in control as much as she can and then learn to swim with the rest. Robin's life has spun out of her control permanently. Keres, though, she was able to hold on and maintain that control by a thread. Meno challenged it. He wanted to tear it apart. I liked seeing Keres in a different position, both as a person relatable because she helped get people to pass peacefully into death, but also as a position of power that showed how well she had oiled the machine that was her life.

I really really hope I get to play her again and see more of her. She was a fascinating glimpse at Robin in another world, and I'd like to keep seeing incarnations of that soul. Which is probably the best part of playing one character over and over again... you see so many neat facets of them.


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