Campaign: Poe

Character: Poe Stackhouse
Game: Monsterhearts 2
Episodes: 3
Theme Song: Mad World by Jasmine Thompson
Keywords: Out of Control, Spiralling, Lost

We finally had an episode with all of the characters together and it exploded magnificently. Just as I had predicted though, Poe ended up being the most human of all the characters, despite there being a mortal present. She spent most of the episode just doing her normal things and then getting caught up in the horrible truths of everyone else.

Now keep in mind, Poe was the one who gave out free acid at a party so she could steal something without letting people see her do it. I had thought this would explode by causing a meat grinder effect at the old mall, but all it did was cause one hell of a party. Poe had promised she would also find out some information about the future Queen of the high school, but totally forgot about it and failed her demon that way.

He did want her to steal a wallet out of the glove compartment of an old car. Before all this happened though, Poe ventured out with Cage to meet Noah's mom. Noah's mom who was a creepy old forest fae that didn't seem to freak out Poe enough, but definitely freaked Cage out. He ended up running away after Poe warned the fae-vamp-mom that her creation was eating people again.

The highlight of the episode, for me, was the party. It was a huge underground mall type party, and Poe got everyone high as a kite. Of course, that's when the ghoul goes darkest self and the vampire shows up and devours the hunter, and the poor mortal tries to turn on the ghoul who in turn tries to eat him. Somehow, Poe still manages to grab the wallet, save the mortal, and book it out of the party.

Meanwhile, at the party, the ghoul eats Joan, the vampire's alive sister and Poe's best friend (kind of). It's a grotesque, horrific scene. On the way to Dan's, the mortal breaks down and asks Poe to tell him that he's a good person. She hesitates, he blinks his pretty eyes at her, and she does it. She says he makes bad decisions, but she can say he's a good person. It's an intense, emotional, upsetting scene.

Poe gets to Dan's, and he says they should stay and celebrate that she did a good job. It's implied off screen that this will be when Dan approaches Poe for sex. But because her mortal almost boyfriend is in the truck, she says raincheck and goes to take him home. They cuddle all night to make Leon feel better, and Poe feels hollow, again.

This, sadly, was our last episode as scheduling as adults has turned into a nightmare and the GM has decided, rightfully, to move on to something else. Poe is still one of my favourite characters and now that I've played her as a teen, I really want to see her as an adult. I want to play her as a tainted who's living with and having sex with the demon who raised her from a teen on to be his protege. I want to see that relationship come full circle and what kind of woman that would make her.

My challenge for myself was to play a really vulnerable and human version of the infernal whose demon was compelling and not immediately antagonistic. I think I pulled this off really nicely, and ended up with a really reactionary character who got stuck in weird positions against the other PCs. I liked her humanity and I liked how she was trying hard not to question anything too much because she was afraid she was going crazy.

She was fun, compelling, and an interesting way to play an infernal. As much as I'm sad the game is ending, I totally get it, given how scheduling constantly worked out. Poe will always be the character dream I chase, as I've tried to play her four times and each time the game has failed. One day, Poe. One. Day.


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