Campaign: Poe

Character: Poe
Game: Monsterhearts 2
Episodes: 2
Theme Song: Dead End Friends by Them Crooked Vultures
Keywords: Flustered, apathetic, high

Oh Poe. Why you gotta be so simple? In our most recent episode of Monsterhearts, Poe got a bit more entangled with people. The ghoul made her appearance, and Poe wanted nothing to do with her, not really. But they got high together and talked about Poe's demon, because fuck man, no one believes her anyways and this girl wasn't going to either. Probably some freak who talks big.

The episode was intense. The vampire reached out to Poe via text, and when they met up for lunch, rather than be sympathetic (my original plan), I chose to have Poe call the vampire out on being kinda rapey towards the hunter, Cage, and not biting people consensually. Poe doesn't... care... that much, but mostly wants to keep the vampire away from her. He's a fucking serial killer and she's not convinced that he won't do it again. So the more she can focus him on other problems, the more he's not likely to kill her.

That being said, she did reveal that she knew what he was and had seen it all. So she knew that the ghoul was undead and didn't talk about it, and she knew that the vampire was a horrible murdering psycho. The vampire seems to want to make up for this, but Noah (the vampire) also automatically goes into predatory mode. Since Poe isn't actively hurting people, just passively, she seems to think this makes her better than him. I'm looking forward to her hurting people next game.

It's the first time volatile also got rolled in this game. The ghoul told me the vampire had hypnotized her into making out with him, so I tossed him against a bookshelf and threatened him, kind of. Poe's pretty... undecided. She feels wavering to me and doesn't get having friends and honestly doesn't like it. Her one friend, Jo, Noah's sister, basically only wanted to date her and then dropped her soon as Poe called her on crap. So now she's back to having no friends and a vampire who's mad at her and a ghoul who's being kinda stalkery.

The solution? Tell the vampire's vamp moms that he's being bad, then go to a party, drug a bunch of party goers, so she can break into an old car and steal something out of the wallet. It's okay to make everyone hallucinate at a party, right? The one angle I am trying to play up for Poe is that she's always been a loner, and when she interacts with people long term, she doesn't really get it. This was made really obvious by the fact that Jo wanted to date her when Poe needed help. She was obviously reading Jo wrong for years. And it hurt to feel like this girl was just friends with her to get in her pants.

So in the next episode or two, I want Poe to maybe try to connect with someone. I think this will be Leon, her kinda boyfriend. Or it'll be the dead girl, because that sounds rough. If she becomes good friends with the dead girl (ghoul), I'm gonna see if she can ask her demon to make Iggy a human again or something. If she becomes good friends with Leon, it'll be keeping him away from her demon because she's also going to begin a weird adult-ish relationship with her demon. It's complicated.

As for the vampire? I'm hoping the damage at the party will make Poe realize she's also kind of a monster, and then she'll apologize to him, maybe. Or let him bite her. I don't know. It'll be fucked up, either way. She's a challenge to play because interaction is so hard for her. And she cares, a lot, about people, but is never given space to care for them, so instead she just... calls it as she sees it.

I want her to have an emotional moment though, soon. She's been very careful about not having them on screen. And I'm interested to see how she handles emotions and intensity, which will probably be through running away unless someone corners her. Overall, Poe's been intense in her own way, but also high most of the time and has a functioning level of apathy that comes from knowing you don't belong to yourself anymore. Your purpose is someone else's, and no one's ever loved you because your family knew you were demon fodder.

At least she tries not to think about it, right?


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